1 year beer

On Jan 5, 2006 I posted this post on my pre-dranktank blog.  That was my first batch of homebrew.

What a great year of beer making it has been.

For some reason, I decided to keep 2 bottles of that first batch.  They have been sitting on my bookshelf at room temperature since January.  Last night I cracked one open, expecting the worst (assuming I have gotten better at brewing).  WRONG.  It was clear, smooth, and altogether a wonderful wheat beer.  Sure it was from my pre-kegging, extract kit days, but I’m here to tell you, ANYBODY can make great beer the very first time if I can.

Maybe I should take this as a lesson in patience.  Beer does get better with time if it is brewed right.  I expect January to be a big brew month… maybe I can get a little ahead of my drinking and actually have some aged beers in mid-late 2007.


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