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One of my favorite movies of all time is The Jerk with Steve Martin. It is absolutely hilarious and I’m proud to say that I must have a similar sense of humor as my Dad, because he claims it is one of his favorites too.

Something that has been on my mind lately is the wine dispenser next to the tennis courts at Navin Johnson’s mansion. I actually had a dream about it this weekend. Of course, it’s a ridiculous idea, unless of course you were rich enough to have someone changing out the bottles several times a day (or you had some elaborate no-oxygen environment and some magical future-glass that doesn’t let light in).

However, the thing that’s really been on my mind lately is the wine glass dispenser you can see on the top left of this photo. It’s like a Dixie Cup dispenser for glass.

I’m no engineer, but I’ve met some, and they seemed pretty smart. If they were able to put a man on the moon 35+ years ago, surely we have reached a point in our cultural development that a humble homebrew bar like my garage can have a cup dispenser like this for pint glasses.

Someday maybe I’ll reach this level of sophistication.
Then I will be somebody.

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