Happy Mardi Gras

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone.  I’m sorry to say I didn’t make it to New Orleans this year, but it has still been a great Mardi Gras season around Greensboro.  Brixx Pizza (which has the best beer selection-to-price ratio of any watering hole in town) hosted a great Mardi Gras Beer dinner a few weeks ago, complete with the full spectrum of Abita beers and New Orleans cooking.

Saturday morning we had a few friends over for New Orleans style breakfast (complete with fresh beignets, grillades & grits, etc.).  I went through a 1/2 can of Cafe Du Monde chicory coffee in one morning!  (and we coined the term “garage coffee” for the homebrewed Russian Imperial Stout I have on tap at the Shularbrau Garage Bar right now… it LOOKS like a cup of coffee if you sneak down there and fill up your coffee mug in the morning with it).

Saturday night was the main event.  The most amazing smorgasbord of cajun/creole/Louisiane cookin’ you can imagine.  I guarantee.  Some friends hosted a party that turned into the most incredible themed covered-dish party I’ve ever been to.  Jambalaya, homemade muffuletta, 2 crockpots of gumbo, red beans and rice, bread pudding, king cake, and I’m probably forgetting a few things.

I brought my 5-gal keg I dedicate to non-beer concoctions, and you better believe that all 5 gallons of high-octane Hurricane got drank (not THAT high-octane thankfully).

Good times.  Happy Mardi Gras.  There’s a diner in downtown Greensboro that has a “mardi-gras menu” right now I hope to sneak down to for lunch today if things don’t get crazy around work.  I could use a little more Jambalaya before lent.

(Speaking of lent & carnival… yesterday I booked flights for a business trip that has me in Venice, Italy on Easter Sunday.  Talking about getting that one backwards.  Damn.  You’re supposed to be in Venice at the BEGINNING of lent, not the end.  Oh well.  Glad I’m not Catholic or I’d be angry with myself over that one.)

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