Wine statistics

The Wine Market Council has released its very thorough study on wine consuption.

The wine industry is going to have significantly less problems surviving this economic downturn than most other “luxury” industries, mainly because of the huge increase in “Table Wine” that is being consumed.

15.7% of the population drinks 91% of wine!

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  1. seth Says:

    I think what wine has going for it is that the price range swings widely. You can get $1.99 bottles at Trader Joes or Wal-Mart or a “special occasion” bottle for $50-$60. Its cheap enough to just about compete with even the cheapest beer, and since wine is seen as a luxury, its an affordable one. Its seen as economical for more than one reason, and one of my theories is that since the bottles themselves look large, the consumer unconciously thinks they are getting a deal even though you’d be lucky to get 3-4 glasses per bottle per the thicker glass and bottom indentation.

    Wine as you know is a HUGE business out here in Cali. Every store has 3-isles of wine and people buy it as much as they buy eggs and bread-often 4-5 bottles a week. I know back in TN ( at least when I lived there) they had retarded laws where you could only get it at liquer stores or something dumb like that. So in states with “Blue laws”, I’d imagine that wine consumption is next to nill while more alcaholic-liberal states like CA makes up for the lion’s share in consumption. But anyway, a report came out on the radio here recently: Low end producers are doing really well while some of the more exclusive “Portfolio” style winemakers are not doing so hot. It pays to have a wide variety as well as a variety in prices.

  2. Ray Says:

    In 2008, when I had a snazzy job, I was buying 10 or more bottles a month. even now, after my work situation got downsized, I’m still good for 2 or more bottles a week, albeit the cheaper ones. Nice to see one segment of the economy in the green.

  3. Mary Says:

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  4. Shurflo Says:

    Wow, 91% of the consumption by only about 16% of the population. I know I’m doing my part….buy a minimum of 2 cases a week. Can’t get enough of that stuff!

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