Happy National Beverage Day

Early May is such a bizarre holiday season.  It’s like some group of friends really wanted to party a lot, so they made up a bunch of holidays that nobody REALLY celebrates.

May 1:  May Day.  I have no idea what this is.  Some bastardized French holiday maybe?  Aren’t you supposed to have sex outside or something?  I’ve never really taken the time to look up the history of this one.  Maybe next year.

May 4:  I’ve never heard this before this year, but apparently it is now being recognized by geeks around the world as STAR WARS DAY.  I think the only requirement to celebrate is say “MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU” a lot.

May 5:  Cinco De Mayo.  An American holiday invented by college fraternities because they wanted to drink more Corona.  I think Mexico lost some war at some point too.

May 6:  National Beverage Day.  Seriously.  Here is EHOW’s how to celebrate Beverage Day.  Plus Arby’s is giving away fruit tea today if you have little enough pride to walk into your neighborhood Arby’s and say “I’m Parched, FruiTea Me” (I will try it out for lunch today, I’m not scared).

May 8:  National Have a Coke Day.   Apparently if you sell enough sugar water for many many decades, it’s okay to make up your own “drink my product” day.  So go celebrate that this Friday too.

May 11-17:   American Craft Brew Week.   This one I can get on board with.  Drink local/craft beer only for a week.  That will not be a  problem around my house.  There is even a declaration of independence (pdf)

Personally, I have and will celebrate all of the above holidays with beer.  Mostly homebrew.

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