The idea of a “beer season” may seem ridiculous to some beer enthusiasts.  But to me, it just feels right to grace late summer through autumn with that title.  In my mind, beer season starts tomorrow.

The much anticipated Greensboro Summertime Brews Festival is tomorrow, and my Jalapeno Tequila Gold will be making it’s 3rd annual appearance.   The lineup of beers looks great this year, but as always, our homebrew club breaks out the crazy recipes for this event and is consistently the longest line; beating out commercial craft beers from all over the world in popularity.

That’s not a bad kickoff to beer season.

Shorty after, I’ll be heading to Yellowstone via Salt Lake City, where I hope to indulge in a multiple Polygamy Porters:  Arguably one of the most awesome names ever for a beer that is both witty AND makes fun of a religion.

And by the time we return from that, we’ll be just a few pints away from OKTOBERFEST PARTY season, which is already shaping up to be chocked-full of lederhosen-wearing, lager-chugging fun.

Yes, there really IS such a thing as BEER SEASON, and I am thankful for it.

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