Beer Bargain

September 1 I had my first of many Oktoberfest Bier of the season. Bought some Sam Adams Oktoberfest, Bell’s Oktoberfest, and Blowing Rock Oktoberfest (gotta buy NC when you get the chance… even though it’s contract brewed by a place in PA, it’s exclusive to NC).

Tonight I happened by my neighborhood Harris Teeter and discovered a deal that I had to share. If you are in NC, like O’fest beer, and have a Harris Teeter nearby, go try your Harris Teeter ASAP.

A 12 pack of any Sam Adams Lager (including the Oktoberfest) for $12.99. That’s significantly cheaper per beer than buying by the 24bottle case at a big beer warehouse like TOTAL WINE. Usually, a case is going to cost you $30 or more. Go now and stock up for the season. And give me one as a reward for telling you about it.

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