Beers of North Carolina

This weekend we went to Asheville, NC for some serious around-the-clock beer tourism. Several triad homebrewers got together and made a weekend out of touring breweries and drinking North Carolina beer.

In case you didn’t know, Asheville is one of the top beer capitals in the country. That’s right. It beats out Portland, Denver, an other more famous beer destinations in one very important statistic: There are more breweries per capita in Asheville, NC than in any other US city. That not only means there is a huge variety of beer, but it is incredibly accessible (private brewery tours, discussing brewing techniques with the head brewer, or shaking the hand of the owner… those things are the norm, not the exception).

I made a personal goal this weekend to see how many North Carolina beers I could sample in one weekend. We didn’t even get to all the breweries in Asheville, only touched on a tiny fraction of the beers brewed in this great state, and frankly didn’t add any to my list on Sunday because I was worried of my liver exploding after all the beer on Friday & Saturday.

So here they are… the 63 NC beers I drank this weekend.

Liberty Red
Liberty IPA
Liberty Nut Brown
Liberty Oatmeal Stout
Highland Black Mountain Bitter
Highland St Teresa Pale Ale
Highland IPA
Highland Gaelic Ale
Highland Oatmeal Stout
Highland Seven Sisters Abbey
Jack of the Woods Extra Pale Ale
Jack of the Woods IPA
Jack of the Woods Porter
Jack of the Woods ESB
Jack of the Woods Stout
French Broad Wee Heavy
Wedge Golem Belgium Strong
Wedge Iron Rail IPA
Wedge Payne’s Pale Ale
Wedge Pilsner
Wedge Witbier
Wedge Belgium Abbey
Wedge Russian Imperial Stout
Wedge ?
Craggie Batter Hill
Craggie Swannaanoa Sunset
Craggie Toubab Brewe
Craggie Meet You Maker Barleywine
Mother Earth Dunkle Dark Cloud
Duck Rabbit Barleywine
Pisgah Roast Chocolate Stout
Pisgah Barleywine
Pisgah Dopplebock
Pisgah Cosmos
Pisgah cosmos
Pisgah Schwartz Bier
Pisgah Baptista Noel
Pisgah Vortex
Pisgah Pale Ale
Pisgah IPA
Pisgah Solstace
Pisgah Equinox Marzen
Pisgah Pilsner
Pisgah Nitro Stout
Pisgah Porter
Lexington Ave White ale
Lexington Ave ESB
Lexington Ave American Pale Ale
Lexington Ave IPA
Lexington Ave Chocolate Stout
Lexington Ave Gold Strong Ale
Catawba Firewater IPA
Catawba Blackwater Uber Pale Ale
French Broad Kolsh
Catwaba Farmhouse
French Broad rye
Fox Hill Traditional Mead
French Broad Altbier
Big Boss Bad Penny
Foothills Seeing Double
Oysterhouse Dirty Blonde
Oysterhouse IPA
Asheville Brewing Co. Ninja Porter

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