Weigel’s Jug O’ Milk

Weigel’s is an East Tennessee gas station chain that has, like so many gas stations, made their mark on society NOT because of gasoline, but because of the beverages they have inside.

The company started in my hometown of Powell, TN (now a suburb of Knoxville) in the 1930’s as a dairy. Eventually they opened convenience stores all around Knoxville to sell their milk. Growing up in Weigel’s country, we knew Weigel’s to primarly be the place to get your “JUG O’ MILK”. (with a plastic returnable gallon jug). They have now done away with the Jug O’ Milk, but still hold a unique place in the regional beverage market.

Weigel’s has always pushed their coffee drinks in plastic mugs of various sizes with names like “TENNESSEE SIPPER”, “TENNESSEE GUZZLER”, or “TENNESSEE HOSS”. And now they offer a wide range of machine-blended cappuccinos, steamers, and the like.

I miss the days of Jug O’ Milk. They were the days when you could get a few of your friends together, dress up like cows, milk cartons, and a milk-mustached movie star while going house to house singing about Weigel’s. They should have paid us for that.

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